Monday, June 12, 2006

Around the World in 60 Miles

This weekend is the Shawangunk Wine Trail's Around the World in 60 Miles event. As you travel to the different wineries, they will have taken on the personality of another Country. Countries like Italy, Ireland, Chile, Mexico, Georgia,Spain, Sweden, Korea, India and Germany. They will be serving food from those regions paired with their wine.

I just heard from some of the wineries on what they will be serving. Sounds great!

Brimstone Hill - Knackebrod with cheese, Swedish meatboalls with lingonberry sauce, strawberries and pepparkakor
Adair Vineyards -Pollo con Mole (Chicken with Mole)
Arroz Rojo ( Red Chile Rice) Frijoles de la Olla ( Classic Mexican "Pot" Beans)
Brotherhood Winery - Meat Empanadas, Ensalada Chilenas & Alfajores
Stoutridge Winery - German Cookie and Onion Tart

I will post more mouthwatering dishes as I get them.


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