Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hudson Valley Cab Franc Harvest

This weekend as the harvest season starts to wind down some vineyards were picking Cab Franc. The Cab Franc grapes at Whitecliff Vineyards are the best in New Yorks State according to Cornell Cooperative Extension. They sample grapes from various vineyards across New York and compare the ph level, acid & sugar levels to collect data on the different growing regions. Within the next two years there should be some fantastic Cab Franc being released at their tasting room.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Harvest at Whitecliff

I have posted pictures of the harvest at Whitecliff Vineyards your viewing enjoyment.

Click here to view them.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Aroma - What they describe in your wine

Use the this as a guide when you're tasting wine for fun, and I think you'll be surprised to see how well this list of descriptive terms will help you recognize those elusive characteristics.

FRUITY: Citrus - grapefruit, lemon; berry - blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, black currant (cassis); tree fruit - cherry, apricot, peach, apple; tropical fruit - pineapple, melon, banana; dried fruit - strawberry jam, raisins, prune, fig.

VEGETATIVE: fresh - stemmy, cut green grass, bell pepper, eucalyptus, mint; canned-cooked - green beans, asparagus, green olive, black olive, artichoke; dried - haw-straw, tea, tobacco.

NUTTY: walnut, hazelnut, almond.

CARAMELIZED: honey, butterscotch, butter, soy sauce, chocolate, molasses.

WOODY: vanilla, cedar, oak, smoky, burnt toast, charred, coffee.

EARTHY: dusty, mushroom, musty (mildew), moldy cork.

CHEMICAL: petroleum - tar, plastic, kerosene, diesel; sulfur - rubbery, garlic, skunk, cabbage, burnt match, wet wool, wet dog; papery - wet cardboard; pungent - acetic acid (vinegar); other - soapy, fishy.

PUNGENT: hot - alcohol; cool - menthol.

MICROBIOLOGICAL: yeast, sauerkraut, sweaty, horsey, "mousey."

FLORAL: orange blossom, rose, violet, geranium. SPICY: cloves, black pepper, licorice, anise.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Gewürztraminer harvest

These are pictures of Gewürztraminer grapes that were harvested this weekend on the
Shawangunk Wine Trail.