Friday, February 22, 2008

Whitecliff Futures

I had the wonderful opportunity last weekend to taste some of Whitecliff Vineyard's soon to be released wines straight from the tanks.

I tasted the Seyval which is mixed into the Awosting White. I liked the Seyval, even thought it's known as the "Plain Jane" of whites with it's suttle flavors. Some wineries blend Seyval with other whites, some have it stand alone and I know of one local winery who makes Champagne from it. It's really winemakers choice.

Next I got to taste the Awosting White which was going to be bottled sometime this week. It didn't have the strong crispness it has had in the past. It has soft citrus flavors with a soft finish. It will be a wonderful white especially for the summer months.

Then I tasted wine from a grape I have never tasted before...Traminette. Traminette is a hybrid of Gewurztraminer. This was very good and crisp. Not sure it it's going to be a stand alone wine or if it is going to be blended with another variety.

The only red I tasted was a blend that they are going to release as their first "critter wine." It's called Red Tail. This blend was very good. We took the samples out of the tanks, so after the wine warmed up a tad, the flavors that came to and it's sure to be a winner.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pasta Primo Vino Tickets

Pasta Primo Vino tickets can now be purchased on line at:

The event is April 19 & 20. Event hours are 10am to 6pm. Come sample some pasta paired with wonderful wine from the wineries on the Shawangunk Wine Trail. Be the first to taste the new wines from the 2007 harvest!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Love My NY Farmer

Congratulations to Michael Migliore, Owner and Winemaker at Whitecliff Vineyards. He won the I Love My NY Farmer contest put out by NY Farms.

NY Farms! a not for profit organization whose mission is to strengthen NY agriculture and food systems by creating public awareness of the importance of farming; promoting agriculture and food system literacy; and fostering consumer loyalty to New York farm products.

Through their land-based livelihoods, New York farmers enhance the lives of all New Yorkers in multiple ways, by: providing farm fresh food, increasing food safety and security by decreasing our dependency on food from far away, creating jobs and economic development, maintaining aesthetically pleasing rural landscapes, wildlife habitat and biological diversity, and being good neighbors, committed to community well-being.

Winners for the I Love My NY Farmer were selected based upon the notation in the entry of a farmer’s: living and selling within New York State; producing a quality product; being a good steward of the land; being a good neighbor, serving the community, and "going the extra mile". NY Farms! asked to have explained in 250 words or less, why a particular farmer deserves such an award.

Michael won in the category of Wine & Grapes.