Friday, June 30, 2006

4th of July Weekend

Don't forget there is lots to do this weekend on the Shawangunk Wine Trail. Concert on the 4th at Rivendell Winery, Baldwin Vineyards has a Chocolate Strawberry & Wine Festival and there is more.

Come visit.

It's not to early to puchase tickets to the Bounty of the Hudson on July 29 & 30th.

Click here to order tickets

Friday, June 23, 2006

Pictures from Around the World

I just posted the pictures from the Around the World Event. To view them click here.


Monday, June 19, 2006

Around the World

I hope everyone had a good time at the event this weekend. Wasn't the food fantastic. I liked the Vegetarian Curry @ Whitecliff Vineyards the best. Those chocolate balls at Rivendell were to die for.

My hats go off to all the chefs this weekend.

The next event is the 11th Annual Bounty of the Hudson. It's not to early to purchase tickets. click here to order your tickets.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Spain and Italy Check In

The dishes for Spain and Italy are revealed.

Baldwin Vineyards (Spain) - Shrimp Salad with Rice & Lemon Vinaignette

Applewood Winery (Italy) - Bocconcini Di Pollo Con Patate E Salsicce (Chicken Bites with Potato, Sausages & Vinegar) and Blueberry Riccota Squares.

Remember, Applewood can't accommodate buses.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wine Tasting Tips

Wine Tasting Tips

  • Eat before you come to the tasting. There are many wines to try...the munchies provided are intended to help you try the wines with food and clear your palate.

  • Drink water or eat bread to clear your palate.

  • Be safe. Limit the amount you drink if you are driving.

  • Be courteous to others who wish to taste. After receiving your pour, please step back from the tasting table to do your personal evaluation. Others can then step forward to receive a sample of wine. Step to the side to talk with the winery representative.

  • Designate a driver or use public transportation.

Dishes from India and Georgia

I just heard from Rivendell and Whitecliff on the dishes they will be serving.

Rivendell Winery - Mugeugi (a traditional cold dense soup made from pork) along with Minions (an infinite pleasure for those with a sweet tooth)

Whitecliff Vineyards - South Indian Vegetable Curry ( a spicy chickpea curry with onions, coconut milk and peas) along with Strawberries in their Cabernet Franc.

See you over the weekend with your appetite...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More dishes for the Around the World Event

Just heard from a couple other wineries on what they will be serving. All these dishes sound delicious! I can not wait to try them.

Benmarl - Shepards Pie

Glorie Farm Winery - Bulgogi, Mandu and Kimchi (noodle salad)

I will have to do double time at the gym after this event:)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Around the World in 60 Miles

This weekend is the Shawangunk Wine Trail's Around the World in 60 Miles event. As you travel to the different wineries, they will have taken on the personality of another Country. Countries like Italy, Ireland, Chile, Mexico, Georgia,Spain, Sweden, Korea, India and Germany. They will be serving food from those regions paired with their wine.

I just heard from some of the wineries on what they will be serving. Sounds great!

Brimstone Hill - Knackebrod with cheese, Swedish meatboalls with lingonberry sauce, strawberries and pepparkakor
Adair Vineyards -Pollo con Mole (Chicken with Mole)
Arroz Rojo ( Red Chile Rice) Frijoles de la Olla ( Classic Mexican "Pot" Beans)
Brotherhood Winery - Meat Empanadas, Ensalada Chilenas & Alfajores
Stoutridge Winery - German Cookie and Onion Tart

I will post more mouthwatering dishes as I get them.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Welcome to the Shawangunk Wine Trail

Welcome to the Shawangunk Wine Trail Blog. I'm Debbie and I am the Marketing Director for the trail. I am going to keep you up to date with trail happenings and events. I will share pictures of trail events so you can see how much fun we all are having tasting wine and pairing it with food.

I will also keep you informed of the what's going on with our 11 winery trail members. Whether it be new releases, events, or what's taking place in the wine processing at a given time.

I welcome all comments and suggestions.

I hope to see everyone during our Around the World in 60 Miles event on June 17 & 18. I'll be the one with the camera.