Sunday, December 06, 2009

Vote for your Favorite Shawangunk Wine Trail Wine

The Shawangunk Wine Trail Wineries need You to Vote for your Favorite
Shawangunk Wine Trail Wine

The New York Cork Report is holding a Readers Choice Awards and they need to hear from you!

The editors have chosen their finalists for the wines of the year, but they all have different palates and preferences -- and now they want to hear from you. It's time for our first-ever "New York Cork Report Readers' Choice Awards."

They looking for nominations for wines from across the state, in each region, and we're leaving it up to you to decide which wines should be considered.

The nominating is open until December 15 at midnight. Then they will tally the nominations and choose finalists. From the 16th through the end of this month, they will have polls set up for each reason to pick winners.

Please visit the New York Cork Report and in the comments of the post, nominate at least one your favorite Shawangunk Wine Trail Wines as your choice for Wine of the Year. The rules are simple: The wine has to have been released in 2009. That's it. And if you aren't sure, nominate it anyway and we'll double-check the release date.

Thank you for your support!

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