Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pasta Primo Vino

I attended Pasta Primo Vino yesterday and am getting ready to go back today.

Yesterday I started in Warwick and got to Brotherhood then the Marlboro wineries. I will be going back in about an hour to finish up with the New Paltz, Gardiner and Pine Bush wineries.

Yesterday I took my friend Gina with me. Gina likes semi-sweet to sweet wines which is in contrast to what I like...dry wines. With an open mind I did do some port tasting. I tasted the Winston's Harlequin Port at Warwick. This port was very good. I expected cough syrup but was very surprise at how light it was. (As you can see, I am not a port drinker) The port was made from Baco Noir which gave it it's smoky taste. They told me it would be good paired with stilton cheese and dark chocolate. Their Chardonnay was very good and I did purchase a bottle.

Applewood Winery wins on best pasta so far. Their Blue Cheese Baked Pasta was wonderful, runner up is the Gnocchi at Benmarl. I did taste the port at Benmarl too. It was very good. Very different from Warwick's.

At Glorie Farm Winery I had the pleasure of tasting their new released 2006 Cabernet Franc. It was very soft and delicate. There was romance in this wine!

Now to go get ready for today's tastings.....

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