Monday, October 23, 2006

Stoutridge Vineyard

WOW! is what I have to say about Stoutridge. Steve and Kim have done an incredible job on designing this winery. A lot of thought, love and attention to detail have gone into this state of the art winery.

This winery sits on the site of the "1902" Marono Winery. Stoutridge will feature a "gravity flow" style production.

They have an indoor event room that can accommodate 125 persons with spacious rooftop patios adjoining. Beginning the summer of 2007, they will have an underground barrel room available for dinner events up to 30 people.

Not only will Steve and Kim be producing wonderful wine, but they will also be producing Whisky and flavored Vodka. The flavored Vodka will be flavored from fruits from surrounding farms.

A tour of this winery is a must! Congratulation to Steve and Kim!

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